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How often should I bathe my dog?

This is dependant on coat type, some coats are more resistant to staining than others, it is important to maintain a healthy coat and skin by using the correct diet, in most cases the majority of dirt can be washed off. Keeping the coat tangle free is more important than having a lilly white coat so ensure you brush and comb regularly and use a good conditioner

Should the parents be present when visiting the puppies?

It's preferable from the perspective of ensuring that the parents are well looked after and not neglected as is the case with most puppy farmers. If you are importing a dog its not always possible to see the parents and buying from a reputable exhibitor is an important factor as exhibitors usually breed for good quality in the hope of constantly maintaining and improving the breed

What do I look for when trying to decide which puppy is best in litter?

what your looking for is an overall healthy litter first and foremost, rather than one or two that is healthier, assuming that it is a good litter you will be looking for the puppy that pulls on your heartstrings, there are a number of differing opinions and one is pick the puppy that comes to you. That is not always the case as the one that is the most outgoing may end up being of a dominant nature, and therefore may be more difficult to control. the puppy at the back may not be shy or nervous but simply more relaxed about the whole visitor experience. Most puppies will end up the dog you make them so training is most important, my advice is go with your instinct on the one that you are drawn to.