grooming your dog

Grooming and Coat care

As exhibitors we maintain a full coat in our show dogs, it is a daily task and commintment is required, with any white breed staining is the problem, we do not kennel Orologio Cronografo Uomo Vintage our dogs in cages and therefore they are exposed to the outside envireonment for fun and play. There are a number of products on the market with regards coat care and staining, and if you go to the links page you will find links to online shops that sell a wide range of shampoos, stain removers, combs etc.

The Pet Cut

If your not showing youe dog you can still keep a good looking coat where the groomer will thin, shape and shorten the coat for you, at the same time maintaining the unique appearance of the breed. It should be noted that you may have to switch groomers a number of times until you find one that has Orologi Da Sub Automatici an interest in style rather than numbvers through the salon.