showing your dog

To Show or Not to Show

Showing is a great pastime and is a fun way of showing of your breed, the routine to showing your dog in the ring is not at all difficult but can be a duanting experience for the first few shows until you get the better of nerves. It is a great feeling when you get your first ever rossette and hopefully will urge you on to greater things. Do not get discouraged if at first you do not succeed, do perservere, study the standard, and if possible ask the judge at a convenient time what his critique is, it may be your happy with the showing side, and the social interaction, but if you become competitive as well and strive to win then you must be prepared to judge your dog in honesty and decide if you need to bring in a dog that would heighten you chances of success. does not mean you should part with your beloved pet, but simply means your two pets have different roles to play.